Those People Ain’t Going To Get Out Of There

Cousin Ed recently shared this story, told to him by his father: When my father was a young man, he was at Town Meeting in Benson, and the motion on the floor was whether to appropriate $79 or $80 for redoing the fence around the cemetery. My father said there was a lot of discussion on the matter, and finally an old guy standing up in the back who was well lubricated said, “We don’t need to spend the money for a fence! Those people ain’t going to get out of there”. The old guy was half right. Vermont law provides that when the cemetery commissioners neglect to keep in repair the fence around a public burial ground, the town may be prosecuted for such neglect. The part about ain’t going nowhere is true.

Feature Story

Lyndon Center Cemetery 149 Years Ago

Abby Maria Hemenway was Vermont’s premier historian in the 19th century. In 1867 she published Volume 1 of her now famous Vermont Historical Gazetteer. Volume 1 covered the Vermont towns in Addison, Bennington, Caledonia, Chittenden, and Essex counties. The history of the town of Lyndon, Vermont, first granted in 1780, includes a section on Lyndon Corner and Lyndon Centre. In the modern day, Lyndon Centre hosts Lyndon Institute and the best high school football field in Vermont. Right next door is the Lyndon Center Cemetery. In 1867, 149 years ago, Abby described the cemetery in this way... Read on...

2016 Fund Campaign

To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a dream”. For many years now I have dreamed about VOCA’s permanent fund being at a level that would enable VOCA to award substantial grants to all of Vermont’s... Read on...

Wallingford Historical Society

The Wallingford Historical Society was founded in 1977, and is a not-for-profit, membership-supported organization that exists to collect, preserve, and interpret Wallingford’s history for present and future generations.

The general membership meetings are held monthly May through October and are open to the public. After a brief business meeting, a program of local interest is presented followed by complimentary refreshments. Wallingford Historical Society collections are located on the second floor of the Town Hall.

The Society mailing address is Wallingford Historical Society, c/o Joyce Barbieri, 75 School Street, Wallingford, VT 05773. Click here for their web site.