Route 17 climbs over the Green Mountains from Bristol to Irasville, or maybe the other way round. Whichever way you travel, you got to go through Jerusalem. Esther Swift’s Vermont Place-Names, relates: The hamlet of Jerusalem can still be found on some large maps, but the factories and the hotel that used to be there are long gone. Located on a mountain road in Starksboro, Jerusalem still retains some of its individuality, with a small school, a cemetery and a cluster of houses. It is thought that the settlement was named Jerusalem because it is located on a hill, as is the ancient city in the Holy Land. That cemetery, the Jerusalem Cemetery, cares for those who worked in the factories and hotel, went to the school across the road, and lived in the houses.

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Richard Welch

The Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biographical and Military History of Rutland County Vermont, published in 1882 by The White River Paper Co., relates this story in its history of Brandon: In our village churchyard stands, or rather has stood until within a few days past, a plain marble slab bearing the following inscription:

Over the body of
during five years
a soldier under
in the
and during all his life
This stone is erected by his friends.
He was born in Ireland
Died in Brandon, Vt.,

On the 22d of August the sons of the deceased, had the remains removed... Read on...

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