Field Guide


Because its three leaves form a trefoil (an ornament or symbol in the form of a stylized trifoliolate leaf), clover is an obvious symbol of the Trinity. An Irish legend says that St. Patrick brought it to Ireland to be an enduring symbols of the Trinity; hence the clover, renamed the shamrock, has become the symbol of Ireland. Even before the arrival of Christianity, pagan Celts used clover as a symbol of vitality because of its abundant growth. The four-leaf clover is rare and has long been a symbol of good luck. Other varieties with more than four leaves have been indicative of bad omens and, for reasons unknown, a sign of a good marriage.

Taken from Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography written and photographed by Douglas Keister, published by Gibbs Smith, Salt Lake City, 2004. This book is a must for every cemetery enthusiast!!!