Field Guide

Morning Glory Draped Urn Hands Pointing Up
The Seven Virtues II The Seven Virtues Book
Eastern Star Treestones Hebrew Symbolism
Freemasons Dove Pebbles
Horse Weeping Willow Memento Mori
Anchor Odd Fellows Keys
Shell Sizes and Shapes Laurel
Candles and Candelabras Knights of Pythias Star
Facing West Crown Mosaic Decalogue
Balls Menorah Carvers
Table Stones Rural Cemetery Movement Victorian Cemetery Art
Daisy GAR Grapes
Wheat Oak Evening Primrose
Olive Tree and Branch Eye Ladder
Yahrtzeit Elks Tablet
Panel Stele Excedra
Curtain Knights of Columbus Sarcophagus
Arrows, Lances and Swords Stone Lily of the Valley
B'nai B'rith Clover Grave Goods
Poppy Corn RIP