The Vermont Old Cemetery Association offers a grant to anyone interested in restoring an abandoned or neglected cemetery. VOCA now makes grants up to $750.00 and on large jobs may make additional funds available.

We encourage all who have cemeteries in need of preservation or restoration to contact the responsible town officers (cemetery commissioners or selectmen) and request that they provide money (or in kind goods and services) for the purpose. Some towns are making their next year's budgets now and if you wait until next spring they won't have money allotted. VOCA makes grants of up to $750 and while this doesn't go far in a large job, it can go a long ways with a few volunteers to work the project. There are many small burial grounds around that truly meet the "abandoned and neglected" criteria that VOCA was formed to improve. Volunteers make the difference here. Work done by all volunteers does not require matching money from the sponsoring town or persons. Work that is paid for does require a match of one dollar for every two that VOCA puts in, up to $750 on VOCA's part. Let's get more grants completed in the coming year!

For more information, contact:

Dianne Leary
1st VP  &  Grants Administrator
4670 Greenbush Rd.  Charlotte, VT 05445
Phone: 802-881-2754

Click here to download the GRANT APPLICATION!