In Memory Of

Many contributions to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association are made in memory of departed relatives, loved ones, and friends. We list here those remembrances and thank the contributors for their caring and contribution to the preservation of the resting places for all departed.

Richard Holmes Bailey by Lois A. Bailey
Jack and Myn Bleiwise by June Bleiwise
The Bullocks of Guilford, VT by Barbara M. Jones
Roswell Chaplin by Emma Chaplin
Cynthia Clement by Cameron Family
Bertram Cohn by Art Cohn
Submit Cushman by Cherry Fletcher Bamberg
My Dad by Mary Murphy
Leon Dean by Francis Stiles
Prof. Leon Dean by Betty (Whitney) Bolognani (my beloved UVM Prof. Leon Dean 1947/48)
John C. Donahue Sr. by Anne B. Donahue
Richard B. Dowley by Sandra H. Dowley
Andie Goodman by Melanie Dante (who enjoyed photographing Vermont cemeteries with me)
Peter B. Gore by Sally Gore
Irene Griffiths by Nancy Cobb
Darwin R. Hoadley by Mona Hoadley
Malia Dean Honnold by Dianne Leary (the best aunt anyone could ever have)
Kathleen Howrigan by Dick Howrigan
Arthur L. Hyde by Frances P. Hyde
Freelove Johnson 1879-1898 by Dolores Horn
John H. Kauffman by Jean Eisenhart
Joan Macaig by Terry MaCaig
Robert Ploof by Sylvia Ploof
Katharine A. Purdy by Ellery R. Purdy
Marion Franklin Roland by Dot Cole
Elizabeth J. Smith by Susan Donnelly