In Memory Of

Many contributions to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association are made in memory of departed relatives, loved ones, and friends. We list here those remembrances and thank the contributors for their caring and contribution to the preservation of the resting places for all departed.

In Memory Of
All those I love by Nancy Cobb
Rose (Trow) Angell by Eleanor Angell
Albert B. Atchinson by Frederick & Linda Adamson
Richard Holmes Bailey by Lois A. Bailey
Bob & Persis Stillson by Hollie Stillson Bowen
Ezra Crary & Dorothy Randall Crary by Ted Yungclas
Leon & Hazel Dean by Lorna Dean Brown
Bobbi Bryant by Gail Deshane
Bullock and King of Guilford, VT by Barbara Jones
Roswell Chaplin by Emma Chaplin
William Cameron by Cynthia Clement
Peter B. Gore by Sally L. Gore
William Sanford & Adaline Bixby Greene by Marcelyn Karagosian
Richard Haas by Howard Graff
Darwin Hoadley by Mrs. Mona Hoadley
Darwin took care of the South Woodstock Cemetery for many years
Hood Family by Nancy E.H. Bowman
John H. Kauffman by Jean Eisenhart
John and Priscilla Kennedy by Norton Kennedy
George & Betsy Kidder by Frances Kidder Stiles
Frank & Arloa Dean Leary by Dianne Leary
They took care of Barnumtown Cemetery in Monkton VT for many years
Raymond & Victoria LeBeau by Victoria & Norman Hawley
Joan & Philip Lorber by Bryan Lorber
Joan Macaig by Terry Macaig
Our Parents by Art and Anne Cohn
Marguerite White Raacke by Linda Decker
Stephen Robinson by William Robinson
Claude and Wahneetah Sprague by Evelyn Sprague
Michael N. Stanton by Harry Orth
Oliver and Rebecca Pendleton Steward by Ted Yungclas
Genevieve Trutor by Barry & Kathryne Trutor
In Honor Of
Kathan Family Association by Vickie Storlie