Methodist Cemetery

Bloomfield, VT

Progress Report: Spring 2015

Town Clerk Wendy Covill reports that the majority of the stones have been replaced!

Progress Report: July 2014

On January 7, 2013 a most unfortunate accident occurred in the town of Bloomfield , Vermont, a tiny town nestled in the northeast corner of Vermont with its eastern border the lovely Connecticut River. A driver having fallen asleep at the wheel, drove off the road, crashed through the Methodist Cemetery fence, and sadly, struck several gravestones in the cemetery on Route 102.

In March of this year Wendy Covill was elected as the new Town Clerk. In April the Selectboard asked Wendy if she would take on the task of getting the stone and fence repairs done. Wendy promptly got estimates for the stone repairs, contacted VOCA for grant help and advice, and is working on fence estimates.

A suggestion was made to replace the broken stones with flat stones containing just the names and dates of the individuals interred. However Wendy is planning that the original design, shape, epitaphs, and personal information is all going to be preserved as much as possible on the replacement stones.

The original old fence is a chain link type. Wendy would like to upgrade the fence style to one more respectful of the occupants of the cemetery. She would like things done right and for the long haul. As her son said, “A chain link fence makes it look like a playground for Zombies”. She has an estimate for aluminum fencing that looks like wrought iron and hopes to be able to convince the Selectboard of the merits.

Stay tuned for an update on the progress and final outcome of this VOCA sponsored project. If you ever find yourself in Bloomfield, Vermont stop in and say hello to a whirlwind of a Town Clerk, Wendy Covill.

Dianne Leary
VOCA 1st VP & Grants Administrator