Doty Cemetery

South Wallingford, VT

August 2016

Letters to the Editor
Rutland Herald
August 10,2016
Re: Cemetery Refurbished

I am proud to report that Doty Cemetery in South Wallingford is now among the best-kept cemeteries in all of New England, bar none. It could be the poster cemetery for the Vermont Old Cemetery Association. A great volunteer effort was made by Tom Giffin, VOCA president; Russ Schoengarth and his exceptional crew from Comcast, William Mills, P.J. Mallon, Chad Hicks, Jason Bates and Simon Turgeon; as well as Rodney Ward from here in Wallingford.

All stones are now ram-rod straight, broken stones repaired, blow downs were cut up and removed, brush cleared, posts straightened, grounds raked and threatening tree limbs removed.

It was a great pleasure to have participated in this project with such fine people. Of equal importance, I believe each of us felt somewhat humbled restoring some of the dignity of well-deserving Vermonters from years ago.

Thank you all. A job well done.