Hill Cemetery

Sudbury, VT

May 20, 2017

On Saturday May 20th, Sudbury Selectman Shaun Ketcham organized a cemetery restoration event with many local volunteers, including students from Otter Valley High School and Vermont Old Cemetery Association President Tom Giffin. Tom reports the event as follows:

The restoration was at the Hill Cemetery on Route 30 in scenic Sudbury, Vermont. The cemetery dates from the 1700s, and had dozens of down stones, many that weighed several hundred pounds each. The crew straighten dozens of monuments and several stones that had been broken for decades were epoxied and put back in place. The larger monuments required quite the group effort and one volunteer made the comment, 'is this how they made the pyramids???', as we were straining our backs, pushing the toppled monument back on their marble bases. There is still some work to be done, as the larger monuments need either stronger volunteers or a tractor with a some belts. I support the tractor option personally! It was a fun project with a great group of volunteers.