Read Cemetery

Danby, VT

April 2017

In the first project of 2017, our Vermont Old Cemetery Association president Tom Giffin reports the following: Jim Viscusi from the Danby, Vermont Cemetery Commissioners asked me to assist him in restoring the Read Cemetery, located on Smokey House Road. On April 22nd, with shovel in hand, I arrived at this wonderful hillside cemetery. We had volunteers from the local Selectboard, cemetery commissioners and town members. After a brief overview on how to straighten and not break the fragile monuments, we went to work in this old Vermont burial ground and straightened dozens of monuments, many dating from the early 1800s. It was too cold and rainy to epoxy any of the broken stones, but I did promise to return again this year to help these dedicated volunteers out. And of course, I did hand out VOCA membership applications to the volunteers!

The Read Cemetery is also known as the Old Four Corners Cemetery and not one, two, three but six Revolutionary War Soldiers are buried here.