Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Bridget and
Saint Stanislaus Kostka Cemeteries

West Rutland, VT

October 2017

In the "old" section of the St. Stanislaus cemetery, there are several rows of small monuments that mark the graves of infants and children who died during the Spanish influenza in the early 1900's. Death rates were high; some families lost more than 1 child. If families could afford to mark the graves, some stones with crosses were used, sometimes placed directly in the ground without a foundation. Over the past century, the markers have sustained significant damage due to shifting ground, frost heaves and Route 4 construction. This past weekend, parishioners and friends worked together to stabilize and repair over 30 monuments. A job well done! With the inspiration from Tom Giffin of the Vermont Old Cemetery Association and local volunteers, we were again able to save some of "our history"...markers that tell the story of families who settled and labored in West Rutland, and events which changed the course of their lives.

The picture above has been nominated for:
Best Cemetery Restoration Project Picture of 2017.
No volunteers were hurt in the making of this picture.