Spaulding Family Cemetery

Panton, VT

November 2017

The Vermont Old Cemetery Association 1990 statewide survey of cemeteries declared the Spaulding Cemetery abandoned. The landowner showed us several Polaroids this morning that were taken in May 1974 and the cemetery was clearly in poor condition even then. At noon today, November 12, 2017, we declare the cemetery UN-ABANDONED! Our heartfelt thanks to Howard and Martha Longway, and Tyler and Shane Lawrence, who orchestrated this preservation project! Our intrepid volunteers hacked the dense ticket of overgrown trees and brush, and the 11 or so stones are again in clear view of the setting sun! All but one headstone is in need of righting and repair, with several partially under the ground. Our first project in the spring will be reparing these headstones; the carvings are classic. Phineas Spaulding Jr. (1749-1825), a Revolutionary War soldier, is buried here!

I don't see any cemetery!

Wait a that a gravestone?

Howard points out Isaac Spaulding's headstone to Martha and Shane.

Tyler clearing out around Willis Spaulding's gravestone.

Shane cuts small undergrowth behind Phebe Spaulding's headstone.

Martha doing the heavy lifting.

The pile gets bigger and bigger throughout the morning.

Un-abandoned after 40 years!