West Glover Cemetery

Glover, VT

Fall 2014

Donna Sweeney, Glover Town Clerk and Cemetery Sexton, and Cemetery Commissioners Joan Alexander, Ricky Blanchard and Bob Clark met Thursday November 6, 2014 at the Glover Town Clerk's Office and reported the following in their Minutes:

2. Review of stone repair at West Glover (Cemetery)...Looks great!
   Garon St-Sauveur Granite Co. did the work. They worked on 55 stones repairing with epoxy or cement/straightening and resetting/reinforcing the bases. There are only two stones at West Glover that were too broken to be repaired. A few that were mended with epoxy are missing pieces and are very fragile. Cost: $2840.
   Doug Garon suggested that they might have some lower quality granite that could be used to cut more inexpensive replacement stones in the style of these old stones. We will suggest this to any descendants of families of these broken beyond repair stones. Before and after pictures and compiled a list of what repairs to each of the 55 stones, as required for the VOCA grant.
3. Report on Lake Region Community Service work at...West Glover:
   The students cleared lots of brush around the front fence line; David Young has offered to haul away the brush pile. Students are finished for the fall and will return in the spring to resume clearing.
4. Vermont Old Cemetery Association grant:
   It has been submitted and we should receive the $750 soon for the work done at West Glover.

Click here for catalog of each stone's repair...amazing!