Old Congregational & West Street Cemeteries

Rutland, VT

June 2014

Rutland Middle School students worked in two of Rutland's old burial grounds: the Old Congregational Cemetery on Route 7 North and the West Street Cemetery on West Street. The students worked two days and cleared the brush along the fence lines, trimmed the bushes, epoxed 3 monuments, filled woodchuck holes and did a general cleanup. One group of students was assigned to do stone straightening and others used a probe looking for abandoned stones and they did find one in the West Street Cemetery that was put upright. The students also spent some time straightening and leveling a couple of large bases so the monuments can be put back in place later this summer. This is the 4th year VOCA have partnered with the RMS Yes Plan program and it continues to be a popular school project and gets bigger every year. Twenty-three students participated under the guidance of Rutland Middle School Social Studies Teacher Ted Lindgren and VOCA President Tom Giffin.