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Ara A. Baldwin

Nov 20, 1844
Jan 10, 1931

Pleasant View Cemetery, Ludlow VT
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Sterling Genealogy
by Albert Sterling, 1909

1517 ARA ABIAH BALDWIN (Calista Rice, Sarah, Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, William), b. Nov. 20, 1844; m. Jan. 1, 1873, Libbie Russell.

Mr. Baldwin is a retired photographer living in Ludlow, Vt. He was engaged in portrait work there for thirteen years and for fifteen years traveled in the United States and Europe making views for a New York firm, meanwhile furnishing photographs to Harper's and Century magazines. In his professional capacity he visited the expositions at London, Eng., at San Francisco, at Philadelphia in 1876, and at Chicago Ill in 1893.

3116 Norris A. Baldwin b. Jan. 13, 1876
3117 Irene Baldwin b. Mar. 14, 1877; d. Mar. 17, 1877

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Widow with a Ewer, Albumen Carte de Visite, Circa 1862
by A. A. Baldwin, Photographer, Rooms over Post Office, Ludlow, Vt.
The photographer Ara A. Baldwin was born in 11 Nov., 1844, to Jefferson Baldwin and Calista Rice. He married Libbie Russell on 1 Jan., 1874, but the couple separated and later divorced. He lived and worked in Ludlow until his death on 10 Jan., 1931, at age 87.
Source: Lisby at Flickr.