This Week's Gravestone

Joseph Swinington

Revolutionary Soldier
Born Oct. 5, 1761,
Died Oct. 10, 1847,
& 5 DAYS.

Brookside Cemetery, Leicester VT

History of Addison County, Vermont
by H. P. Smith, 1886

Joseph SWININGTON, from Massachusetts, came to Leicester at an early day, and settled on the place now owned by his grandson, George O. SWININGTON. The dwelling house still standing on the place was built in 1801.

Find A Grave
Find A Grave (what a wonderful website!) has Joseph and his wife Lucy buried side by side.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War
Volume 15
Massachusetts Secretary of State

This volume has 5 listings that appear to be our Joseph Swinington. This name also appears under the form of Swilington, Swillington, Swinenton, and Swininton. Any or all of them could be him. The third one certainly seems to be our man. Joseph's grave says born 1761. The listing says that in 1780, 19 year old Joseph marched to camp in the Continental Army.

1. SwiLLiNGTON, JosEPH. Private, Capt. Ebenezer Newell's co.. Col. Danforth Keyes's regt. ; enlisted Aug. 7, 1777; enlistment to expire Jan. 1, 1778. Roll dated Providence.

2. SwiNENTON, Joseph. Private ; pay roll for 6 months men raised by the town of New Braintree for service in the Continental Army during 1780 ; marched to camp July 10, 1780 ; discharged Jan. 11, 1781 ; service, 6 mos. 9 days, including travel (160 miles) home.

3. SwiNiNGTON, Joseph, New Braintree. Descriptive list of men raised to reinforce the Continental Army for the term of 6 months, agreeable to resolve of June 5, 1780, returned as received of Justin Ely, Commissioner, by Brig. Gen. John Glover, at Springfield, July 12, 1780; age, 19 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft. 4 in.; complexion, ruddy; engaged for town of New Braintree; arrived at Springlield July 11, 1780 ; marched to camp July 12, 1780, under command of Ensign Gilbert ; also, Private, Capt. John Cutler's co.. Col. Luke Drury's regt. ; marched Aug. 27, 1781 ; joined regiment at West Point Sept. 3, 1781 ; discharged Dec. 3, 1781; service, 3 mos. 14 days, including travel (153 miles) home; residence. New Braintree; engaged for town of New Braintree; regiment raised for 3 months.

4. SwiNiNGTON, Joseph. Capt. Ebenezer Newell's co.. Col. Keyes's regt. ; pay abstract for bounty allowed for service from 3 months after date of enlistment, Aug. 7, 1777, to Jan. 3, 1778, 1 mo. 26 days, at Rhode Island [see Josiah Swilington] ; also. Private, Capt. Joseph Richardson's co.. Col. Samuel Denny's regt.; enlisted Oct. 19, 1779; discharged Nov. 23, 1779; service, 1 mo. 12 days, at Claverack, including 7 days (140 miles) travel home ; regiment raised for 3 months ; roll sworn to in "Worcester Co.

5. Swininton, Joseph, New Braintree. List of men raised for the 6 months service and returned by Brig. Gen. Paterson as having passed muster in a return dated Camp Totoway, Oct. 25, 1780; also. Private, Capt. John Trotter's co.. Col. Rufus Putnam's (oth) regt. ; muster roll for Jan., 1781, dated Garrison at West Point; enlisted July 11, 1780; discharged Jan. 10, 1781; enlistment, 6 months.

Headstone Repaired with Bolts and Metal Plates
Joseph's headstone has been long ago repaired with bolts and metal plates. Jonathan Appell at tells us: Many techniques have historically been employed to join fractured tombstone together. Although the drilling and placement of bolts and metal repair plates is no longer advised, for many years this was considered a well done repair. We should be very careful to avoid disparaging repairs done at a different time. Any repair that has lasted is in some respects well done. They may not always look that great, but consider if a repair was not completed, the fragments may have been lost or destroyed.