This Week's Gravestone

Leman Judson and his wives Lucy and Nancy

Maj LEMAN JUDSON. DIED Nov 19, 1840. aged 68 years.

In memory of
Mrs. LUCY JUDSON, Wife of LEMON JUDSON, who died April 24, 1816 in her 44th year.

NANCY. Wife of LEMON JUDSON. DIED May 31, 1864. AE. 86.

Village Cemetery, Shelburne VT

Leman was born in 1772 as was Lucy. Nancy was born in 1778. As late as 1835 on a hill west of the La Platte River, Leman operated a tannery and shoe shop which in those days were always associated. It is curious that on his gravestone his name is LEMAN but on his wives' gravestones, he is LEMON. This is further reinforced by his son's gravestone in San Diego, California: LEMON Judson 1807-1889. However other historical and genealogical references have him as LEMAN. On Leman's stone we see the square and compass, the primary symbol of the Freemasons. Lucy's stone is topped with the weeping willow and urn motif, one of the most popular gravestone decorations of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Lucy's stone has also received preservation treatment for breakage using metal reinforcement; this technique has been replaced with modern epxoies.