This Week's Gravestone

Captain Moses Bates

CAPT MOSES BATES, DIED MAR. 16, 1849, AE. 71 Y'S, 11 MO'S & 6 DAYS

CONTENT, WIFE OF M. BATES, died Mar. 7, 1816, AE. 37 Y'S, 7 MO'S & 25 DAYS.

Center Cemetery, Colchester VT

Several of the towns in Chittenden County provided volunteers for the Vermont militia serving at the Battle of Plattsburgh. Lieutenant, later Captain Moses Bates led the contingent of approximately 50 militia from Colchester, Vermont. Records indicate that Captain Bates commanded a Company in Colonel William Williams' Regiment, and a Company in Colonel George Tyler's Regiment.

The Battle of Plattsburgh, also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain, ended the final invasion of the northern states of the United States during the War of 1812. A British army under Lieutenant General Sir George Prévost and a naval squadron under Captain George Downie converged on the lakeside town of Plattsburgh, which was defended by New York and Vermont militia and detachments of regular troops of the United States Army, all under the command of Brigadier General Alexander Macomb, and ships commanded by Master Commandant Thomas Macdonough. Downie's squadron attacked shortly after dawn on 11 September 1814, but was defeated after a hard fight in which Downie was killed. Prévost then abandoned the attack by land against Macomb's defences and retreated to Canada, stating that even if Plattsburgh was captured, it could not be supplied without control of the lake... Read on in Wikipedia...

DRUSILLA HART, Wife of MOSES BATES, DIED in Williston, Sept. 17, 1873, AE. 83 yrs.
There shall be no night there.