This Week's Gravestone

Moses Varney

Son of Paul & Anna
died Sept. 9th, 1806
AE. 8 months

Munson Cemetery, Colchester VT

Gazetteer and Business Directory of Chittenden County, Vermont, for 1882-83
by Hamilton Child

Samuel Austin, a Quaker, came to Colchester from New Hampshire in 1790, and located on road upon the place now occupied by Fred H Morse, where he built the first house on that farm. He married Rachel Hawkins by whom he had a family of six children: Abigail, Paul, Solomon, Anna, Stephen, and William. Anna was married to Paul Varney and removed to Ohio.
Find A Grave
Find A Grave (what a wonderful website!) has Paul and Anna buried together in Center Chardon Cemetery, Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio.
Face or Effigy symbolism
At the top of Moses' gravestone is a face or effigy. This face represents the deceased in simplistic form. These symbols were commonly used on very early graves in New England and later in the eighteenth century the faces became "winged", indicating the soul of the deceased in flight to heaven.