Town Clerks

According to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns' Town Officers Handbook:

The municipal clerk plays a central role in the operation of local government, with duties that bring him or her into regular contact with the public. The clerk’s statutory duties range from recording, preserving, and certifying public documents to administering oaths of office, complying with public information requests, posting notices on the town’s bulletin board, running the local elections, maintaining the grand list, selling fish and game licenses, issuing marriage licenses, and licensing animals. The town clerk has many unofficial duties as well that vary from town to town. These duties may include acting as the custodian of ticket books for local civil ordinance enforcement, attending and taking minutes of selectboard meetings, acting as mail clerk for the town, and sending out the town’s correspondence.

In particular, the Town Clerks maintain public records of death, burials and ownership of lots in the town cemeteries.