Vermont in the Civil War

Commemorating the 150th Anniversary
of Vermont's Participation in the War of Rebellion

Vermont in the Civil War is a grassroots project attempting to document the contributions of over 35,000 Green Mountain Men and Women, some of whom gave their all for the Union during the War of Rebellion from 1861 to 1866, and thousands more who endured the physical and psychological scars of that time in their lives until they answered the final roll call.

More than 28,000 served in Vermont units, hundreds more the regular army and navy. In 1860, almost exactly 1/2 of those born in Vermont were no longer living there - and we have found nearly 6,000 Vermont natives who served in every Union State's units, plus more than 50 for the Confederacy. Dozens of civilians, men and women, served as nurses, contract surgeons, sutlers, in the Christian and Sanitary Commissions, and within the Federal bureaucracy as well.

More than 300 volunteers have generously contributed time and material to provide rosters, diaries, letters, service records, headstone photographs and other memorabilia to build a virtual Museum, with hundreds of photographs, a virtual Cemetery, with over 21,000 burial site photographs, and a mechanism for connecting with other descendants (more than 4,200 are registered).

The project has grown from a single photograph of the Swanton Civil War Monument and the names of the men who did not return from the war, in 1996, to more than 16,000 pages today, documenting virtually every aspect of the war, making it the largest and most complete study of a single State during the Civil War on the Internet. In 2012, 100,009 unique visitors viewed nearly 1 million pages on the site, visiting from more than 25 countries.

The largest aspect of the project is the Virtual Cemetery. We have identified Vermont Civil War veterans lying at rest in 49 states and the District of Columbia, Canada, China, Cuba, England, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, and Turkey. (We are still hoping to find someone buried in Alaska).

The project is perceived by many as an authority on the subject; grammar-, middle- and high-schools, historical societies and museums across the state have used our resources.

The project has also had a presence on FaceBook (Vermont in the Civil War) since 2010, providing daily tidbits and trivia to more than 700 ‘followers’.

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Webmaster's Note: Vermont in the Civil War is the effort of St. Albans native Tom Ledoux. Tom's contribution to the historiography of Vermont, the Civil War and our American heritage can not be understated. His 15 year effort has resulted in one of the most significant historical research projects of the era. Tom early on recognized the potential of the Internet and has demonstrated its remarkable ability to aid our search for knowledge. The Vermont Old Cemetery Association is proud to count Tom among its members.