Weybridge Resources

The following individuals or organizations may be able to provide updated information about cemeteries in this town.

Town or City Clerk

Scott Wales, Town Clerk
Mailing Address:
1727 Quaker Village Road, Weybridge, VT 05752
Street Address:
1727 Quaker Village Rd, Weybridge, VT 05753
Email: weytown@gmavt.net
Phone: 802-545-2450, Fax: 802-545-2624
Hours: M T Th F 9-2

Cemetery Commissioner(s), etc.


Cemetery Association(s)

Karen James
Weybridge Cemetery Association
2141 James Road Weybridge, VT 05753

Historical Societies

There is no related historical society.

Off-Site Resources

Cemetery Listings on Findagrave:

Belding-Belden // Brittle Azra Stow // First Weybridge Hill // Weybridge Hill //

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